About us

Masjid Bosniak was founded in November 2004. Our goal is to maintain the Bosnian community and Islamic learning and beliefs on these prospects. For this reason, from the very beginning, jamaat was an environment for families, the making of friendships and providing various forms of support. It is also the place to glorify our Lord and perform all religious activities, as well as the joint celebration of the mubarak days and nights.

Our old building

Hafiz Nermin ef. Spahić arrived in 2005, and has since been our permanent imam. In 2008, he organized the Qur’an and the Hifaz School. In addition to this, the choir has been operating in our jamaat since its founding. Of course, there is a maktab for the youngest as well as the elderly.

A big step forward for our jamaat took place in 2009. We purchased 30acres of land, which were the foundation of further expansion of the Bosniak masjid.

On this site, the first Muslim cemetery in Des Moines was formed in 2011. Since then, it has served all Muslims in the area of ​​Des Moines and its wider surroundings. As part of the cemetery, in 2014, the area of the gasilhane was built across 4000 square feet. Also, the jamaat provided the import of autochthonous nishan headstones from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at a favorable price for both members of our community and other Muslims in this region. In addition to the gasilhane room, all accompanying facilities were built: the area of ​​masjid, waiting room, garage, abdesthane and toilet.

Our next big decision took place in 2015 when the project of building the first mosque in Des Moines was launched. The total value of the project is about $3,000,000. In addition to the mosque, the project includes the construction of a playground for children, a soccer field and Walkway of Shaheeds, including the Flower of Srebenica as a symbol of genocide that took place in 1995.

Currently, this jamaat is led and organized by a committee in which participate:
Hz. Nermin Spahić (efendija)
Elvedin Sivac (president)
Redzep Malić (vice president)
Ernad Muratovic (secretary)
Amir Malić (treasurer)
Jusmir Muratović (member)
Alem Kozić (member)
Moren Blažević (member)
Emin Keserović (member)
Musmer Malić (member)
Mihret Jukić(President of Cemetery)

Our goal is to continue here to preserve and nurture the beauty and values ​​of Bosnian tradition and Islamic learning. This makes the American culture richer and more diverse. We invite you to join us and take part in this venture.